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Manufacturing Processes

All manufacturing is done within one of three plants in Hungary. All plants produce automotive lamps to OE quality standards and comply with all of the regulatory standards in terms of function and quality. ALL lamps carry the E1 marking denoting that they are European made.

ISO 9001,
IATF 16949

ECE compliance, homologation

Global OEM customer base

Use of UV cut glass, safe for use in plastic headlights

ECE compliance, homologation

Different Types




Halogen Headlight Lamps

Halogen bulbs use a tungsten filament which produced light and heat when a current is passed through it. It is surrounded by Halogen gas which helps protect the filament, hence the name.

Quantum offers a range of Halogen bulbs and kits and has also just introduced a new premium bulb, the Tungsram Megalight Ultra H4 Plus 130 bulb. Offering 130% more light on the road over a standard halogen H4 bulb.


Xenon Discharge Headlight Lamps

Xenon bulbs produce light from an arc that is created by passing a current between two electrodes. They get their name from the xenon gas that helps them create the electric arc at low temperatures.

They create a bright light with a slight blue tint and as they generate so little heat, they tend to last a lot longer than Halogen bulbs.

Quantum Xenon lamps provide a major leap in road safety over conventional halogen lamps due to enormous increase in the illuminated field of vision. They offer:

  • Better visibility and illumination which gives improved hazard awareness, allows the drivers to navigate poor driving conditions with increased confidence and with less fatigue.
  • Optically advantageous whiter light compared to halogen lamps designed to give a colour that is closer to natural daylight.

Miniature Bulbs

Quantum has a range of miniature bulbs for both interior and exterior functions such as indicators, dashboards and number plates.


Need somewhere to store your bulbs? Ask about out Quantum bulb display stand and header card.

Brightness Values

The brightness values of the bulbs is set out in the ECE R37 regulations.

These regulations give figures for the minimum brightness values for the bulbs. In the case of the premium lamps, the bulbs are modified in order to maximise this brightness and, in the case of the +130 for example, give up to 130% brighter light on the road compared to that of standard lamps.

Illegal Bulb Types

Whilst the vast majority of lamps supplied by Tungsram (all of the lamps supplied to VW) are classified as road legal, there are some lamps which do not comply with the R37 regulations.

These lamps are items such as LED retrofit, lamps with higher wattage levels than those set out in R37 and those with higher colour temperature than those set out in the standard.


ALL of these types of lamps can ONLY be sold in the UK if they clearly state on the packaging “FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY”. Quantum does not currently stock any of these products.