Technical Information

Volkswagen Group offers chargeable technical literature, support and training for Independent Repairers to help you repair your customer's vehicle.


Technical literature provided by the Volkswagen Group is available from the following links to the Volkswagen AG erWin system. Please note that erWin is a chargeable service:



Before completing the Independent Repairer Technical Escalation Form, we hope you understand that our preconditions are that you have literature required, sufficiently trained technicians and the necessary tools and measurement equipment.

If you have met the above preconditions please complete the Repairer Technical Escalation Form.

Please make sure that you input the Vehicle Identification Number(s) (VIN) and engine number(s) to hand.



TPS are able to supply diagnostic equipment to Independent Workshops subject to security checks and licensing. Please contact your local TPS Centre for further information

Volkswagen Group also offers the ability to go online for certain functionality such as GeKo and SVM subject to security checks and licensing. Please contact for more information.



If you would like to request an information pack regarding training courses and booking details on aftersales and technical training, please contact the National Learning Centre Delegate Support Team on 01908 601595 or