Your customer and the insurer are reassured in the knowledge that the best possible parts will be used in repairing the vehicle.

Many people find having to deal with their vehicle being written-off both upsetting and financially challenging. The TLA programme sets out to alleviate the stress of such situations; identifying a route where parts can be acquired, and repairs can be managed cost-effectively. Solutions that work for everyone involved.

Ordinarily, total loss avoidance cases can present bodyshops with a fair amount of red tape. This is not the case with the TLA programme. Our team’s expertise ensures that every stage in the process is straightforward and easy.

The benefits to your business

  • The discounts are offered at invoice value
  • Your admin time is kept to the absolute minimum
  • You can count on a quick response and offer from us
  • The TLA discount is for the whole basket as opposed to individual parts – potentially providing you with a larger overall saving


A bodyshop recently came to us with a TLA enquiry for an Audi A3. An additional saving of £1,896.72 was needed to make the repair viable.

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