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The Volkswagen Group UK Ltd Genuine exchange parts scheme includes over 15,000 part numbers from a large number of product groups including engine, transmission, brake, steering and electronic parts. There is high availability of parts, including for older models. Every Genuine exchange part is remanufactured and not reconditioned. This makes sure parts have the same service life and high performance as new parts helping to retain the value of the vehicle

Explanations of terms

Properly packed

Use the package of the Genuine Exchange Part (rack/box for engine/gearbox)

Not dirty

Return the used part cleaned/clean, not covered in oil or grease

Not rusted

No corrosion, e.g. as a result of cleaning with water

Not damaged

No damage resulting from the use of force, transport damage or innapropriate removal (incorrect tools used etc.)

Complete assembley only

Scope of return to correspond to supply of the Genuine Exchange Part

Not dismantled

The used part must not be dismantled - especially not in the case of electrical components (tamper-proof seal)

Not modified

The used part must not have been technically modified (identical with production, no tuning)

Not a third-party part

Only returns of VW AG Genuine Parts and Economy Parts are acceptable


Return the used part with all the oil/coolant drained off

Use protective cap/seal plugs

Remove from the Genuine Exchange Part and apply to the used part

Undamaged seal faces

No striations, scratches or flaws

No damage to body

The body must not have been broken/cracked by external influences

No fire damage

No fire damage that has not been caused internally

No faulty connectors

Not cracked or broken off or detached

No opened units

Electronic components must not be opened

Part number legible

It should be possible to unambiguously identify the part number