With the arrival of Platinum Plus 0W-20, a new lower viscosity oil developed to meet the demands of today’s more efficient engines, the Quantum line-up is now more impressive than ever.

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0W-20 is the perfect choice for the close tolerances of the latest Vauxhall GM spec (OV 040 1547*) engines, along with many other modern engine makes. Conforming to the new C5 spec, 0W-20 increases car parc coverage as well a number of other benefits including:

  • - Improved fuel consumption
  • - Improved engine performance
  • - Compatibility with the latest engines
  • - Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) friendly


Quantum Platinum Plus 0W-20

Quantum Platinum Plus 0W-20 is an oil designed for today’s high-performing and more efficient engines. And as 0W-20 is suitable for the majority of cars you work on its arrival eases the pressure on the variety of oil grades you need to stock.

0W-20 oil spec fills an important gap in the market, providing coverage for a greater percentage of the newer car market (currently 11.4% coverage and growing).

So, as well as being designed to be the ideal choice for the latest GM Vauxhall engines, 0W-20 is also suitable for:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Volvo
  • Other vehicles specifying ACEA C5 or API SN Plus RC

The C5 rating of 0W-20 indicates its lower High-Temperature High Shear viscosity (HTHS). This simply means that at high temperatures, C5 oil has lower viscosity than C2 or C3 oil. This creates a thinner film of lubrication, ideal for the smaller tolerances of modern engines.

The lower viscosity of the C5 oil grade creates a 2% increase in fuel economy (up to 3.6% for 0W-20 in comparison tests with older oils).


Now covering more engines than ever

Information correct as of 01/02/2021 and is subject to change

Platinum 5W-40


  • ACEA C3
  • Ford WS-M2C917-A
  • Dexos2TM (D20595HI156)
  • Porsche A40
  • Renault RN0700 / RN0710
  • VW 505 00 / 505 01
  • API CF
  • Fiat 9.55535-GH2
  • Fiat 9.55535-S2
  • Fiat 9.55535-T2
  • MB 229.31
  • BMW Long-Life-04 for models up to end 2018
Platinum Plus 0W-20


  • ACEA C5
  • API SN Plus RC
  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5
  • OV 040 1547
  • BMW LL-17 FE+
  • STJLR 03.5006
  • Chrysler MS 12145
  • Volvo VCC RBSO-2AE
  • FIAT 9.55535-GSX
  • FORD WSS-M2C947-A
  • MB-APPROVAL 229.71
Platinum Plus 0W-20


  • ACEA C2/C3
  • API SN
  • VW 505 00 / 505 01
  • BMW LL-04
  • Dexos 2™ (D235ACAD075)
  • Fiat 9.55535-S1 / -S3
  • GM-LL-A-025
  • GM-LL-B-025
  • IVECO 18-1811 Classe SC1
  • MB 229.31
  • MB 229.51
  • MB 229.52
  • Chrysler MS 11106

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OV 040 1547

OV 040 1547 supersedes Dexos 1 (Gen.2) for many Vauxhall/GM Turbocharged Petrol engines.

A new specification with reduced HTHS viscosity and development for petrol and diesel engines OV 040 1547 is now mandatory for the following engines: LSQ, LWT, LEI, LE2 (MY 2018 and onwards), LFV (MY 2018 and onwards), LVL (Euro 6d only), LXO, LVM, LWQ, LWV, L3T, LXD

Represented oil range correct at date of 01/02/2021. This range is under constant review and is subject to change.