Synta C-1 5W-30

A Premium high performance, fuel efficient, low-ash engine oil specially developed for Jaguar Land Rover engines with diesel particulate filters. Also suitable for certain Mazda models with diesel particulate filters where ACEA C1 is specified.

Quantum Synta C-1 5W-30 is a modern engine oil for cars fitted with exhaust after-treatment devices and provides excellent fuel efficiency due to its low / high temperature viscosity. Quantum C-1 5W-30 provides optimum compatibility with exhaust catalysts and diesel particulate filters.

Specifications ACEA C1
Approvals Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5005
Recommendations JASO DL-1 Ford WSS-M2C934-B

Pack sizes

  • 20L
  • 208L
Synta C-1 5W-30
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