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TPS 7-10 pricing for older vehicles gets 2022 extension

TPS 7-10 pricing for older vehicles gets 2022 extension

TPS is to extend its 7 to 10+ proposition, offering affordable Genuine Parts for older vehicles, into next year following a successful summer launch.

First available in July, the 7-10 proposition has helped ensure a sunny outlook for older vehicle owners throughout the summer, with reduced prices on a range of service and maintenance parts for older Volkswagen Group vehicles. It’s helped make Genuine Parts readily available for Golf Mk5, Golf Mk6, Polo and selected Octavia, Leon, and Audi A3 models, so that more can benefit from choosing Genuine Parts and ensure no vehicle is left behind.

Warren Richards, Head of Group Parts Operations said: “The launch of the 7-10 proposition has proved popular this summer and with that in mind we have decided to carry it on until April 2022.

“With the UK car parc at its oldest ever on record, extending the 7-10 proposition into next year offers a timely boost to those running older vehicles and to the garages repairing them.

“It gives garages and older vehicle owners the opportunity to fit Genuine Parts on their vehicles with all the safety, vehicle integrity and reassurance that provides.

At TPS, when it comes to Genuine Parts, we want to ensure no vehicle, regardless of age, is left behind and this helps us to achieve that aim.”

Whatever the age of a vehicle, using Genuine Parts has many advantages. Not only are they identical in quality to the parts used in new-vehicle production, giving customers the peace of mind that they will work perfectly, but they are designed to fit first-time convenience helps saves both time and money.

Crucially, they also make a significant contribution to the safety and integrity of the vehicle. It’s a compelling reason for fitting Genuine Parts, giving reassurance to both the garage and their customer that safety is of paramount importance when carrying out the repair. Furthermore, with a two-year warranty* provided, there is protection for both the garage and its customer from any costly future repair costs for replacement parts.

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The following parts categories feature lower prices on:

  • Suspension & Wheel Bearings
  • Service Parts
  • Cambelts & Water Pumps
  • Braking
  • Engine Repair
  • Alternators & Starter Motors