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Making the switch to electric vehicles.

Peter Marchant is the Centre Manager of TPS Bournemouth and a self-confessed “hot hatch fan”. However, despite previously being the proud owner of various Golf Rs and a Golf GTi, Peter recently made the decision to switch to an electric vehicle (EV).

Following a visit to a local dealership Peter opted for the Volkswagen ID.3. In this EV special feature, he discusses how he became an “EV convert” and why he will never go back to driving a diesel or petrol engine car ever again.

Peter said: “I have always been a hot hatch fan and have owned various Golf Rs over the years and up until recently a Golf GTi. Although I loved driving the Golfs, I have been thinking more and more about switching to an electric vehicle as I think it’s the right thing to do.

Being a hot hatch fan, I did at first have my reservations but as soon I drove the ID.3, I became an instant convert to the whole EV experience. The tech on the car I bought is impressive.

It has IQ. Matrix LED Headlights, keyless entry, digital drive display, heated windscreen and seats which all really helps to enhance the driver experience.

I am pleasantly surprised how I have taken to the car. The drivability is fantastic and there is very little drop-off in performance from the petrol engine Golf I am used to driving. I can honestly say now I will never go back to a diesel or petrol engine car again.

It really hit home with the recent petrol shortages, as that all just passed me by. The money and time saved not having to fill up with petrol is really noticeable and also has the benefit of being good for the environment.

We have a charging point here at TPS Bournemouth, so it’s easy to get the car fully up to charge. I use the car mainly for getting to work and local driving but with 230 miles on a full charge, it also has a good range for longer journeys.

Aside from the personal perspective, from an industry point of view I think the next 12 – 18 months in the aftermarket are going to be very interesting. There is a lot of work to be done for garages and bodyshops to adapt and make the transition to EV technology.

It’s the same for the technicians working on EV vehicles. My advice to any young apprentice starting out is specialise in EV vehicles, as it’s a skill set that is going to be very much in demand.

Overall, I could not be more positive about EVs and would recommend them to anyone. In fact, if someone asked me to name the three best things about EVs, I would have to say the benefit to the environment, performance and not having to queue up at petrol stations – all in that order!

The EV future is most definitely with us now and I am fully embracing it."