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TPS pours on the choice with its biggest ever oils range

TPS pours on the choice with its biggest ever oils range

Dave Smith, Volkswagen Aftersales Product Manager for Fluids and Lubricants, gives an exclusive insight into the upcoming expansion of the Quantum oils range.

With three new products added to the range in the next 12 months, Dave discusses what this means for UK car parc coverage, gives details of upcoming oil promotions and reflects on how the recyclable ‘Cube’ oil packaging can help save both your pocket and the planet.

Dave said: “We are excited to launch three new oil products. Once the trio of new oils are added to the Quantum range it will bring the total to 19 - the widest range of Quantum oils ever available.

“The Quantum Synta RN 5W-30 oil will launch in May. With its ACEA C2/C3, API SP, Renault RN17, PSA B71 2290 and MB 229.52/226.52 oil specifications, it will be suitable for use across a wide range of vehicles including Citroen, Renault and Mercedes models as well as being approved for use in all Volkswagen Group brand vehicles.

“This will be followed by the Quantum Platinum Plus RN 0W-20, the latest Quantum Platinum Plus oil, and it’s scheduled to be available at the end of the year. It’s a new oil designed for more modern, economical engines and with ACEA C5, API SN and Renault RN17 FE oil specifications can be used in various BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo models.

“The final oil to be added is the Quantum Ultra PSA 0W-20 and can be first purchased by garages in the early part of 2025. It has ACEA C5, API SP and PSA B71 oil specifications and as with all the 0W-20 oils can play its part in reducing emissions by ensuring the engine operates more efficiently.

“Each and every one of the Quantum range of oils is manufactured to the highest quality and designed to operate under the toughest conditions. With an ever-expanding choice of oils in the range, Quantum now has 96% coverage for the UK car parc and holds approvals and recommendations for use in a variety of modern vehicles, including hybrids, and across a range of manufacturers.

“As part of the current range, the LongLife, Platinum, Ultra and Synta oil sub-brands all provide a choice of options suitable for both petrol and diesel cars and for vehicles with long service intervals and specific engine requirements. This wide range of choice offers TPS customers the reassurance that whatever the requirements of their vehicle fleet and servicing needs, we have an oil option for you.

“As well as great choice and quality, customers can also take reassurance from the environmentally friendly packaging that Quantum oil comes in. We have a range of pack options - 1L, 5L, 20L 208L and bulk - to support all sizes and needs of a workshop.

“However, the 5L and 20L pack sizes are a particular highlight as they come in Cube form - a single-use, recyclable packaging system, offering both reduced disposal costs for customers and a reduced impact on the environment.

“The Cube is constructed from a strong, durable, splash-proof cardboard outer containing a product filled plastic inner, all 100% recyclable and with built-in handles for easy operation.

“Once empty, the cardboard outer can be flat packed and placed with the normal recycling waste. With the reduced use of plastics and the savings to be had on disposal costs, it’s the perfect solution to benefit both the pocket and the planet.

“Another great boost for customers is through our Quantum oil offers, which will continue to run throughout the year. With regular discounts and promotions available, there are plenty of opportunities for garages to make significant savings on various oils in the range, including our trio of new products.

“For more details on further offers just check in at https://tps.trade/promotions or keep an eye on your e-mail inbox to find out what’s upcoming  in the next weeks and months.”