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Let's Talk ACEA '16

Let's Talk ACEA '16

Our Tech Talk expert Ross Morgan, Oil Programme Manager at Volkswagen Group UK, discusses the latest ACEA ‘16 oil check sequence and how the complete Quantum range is now fully compliant with its standards.

The ACEA Oil sequences were first introduced in 1996 to provide the industry with a new baseline of performance for service-fill engine lubricants, replacing the previous CCMS specifications.

Since the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association or Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles, (ACEA for short), introduced the Oil Sequences, they have been updated every few years to address new developments in engine and lubricant technology. The ACEA represents European manufacturers of light and heavy-duty vehicles, and the sequences enable lubricant manufacturers to self-certify their products against the minimum standards required by the members of ACEA. The ACEA ’16 is the latest Engine Oil sequence which defines the minimum quality level for a product to make claims against ACEA specifications. ACEA ’16 first came into use in December 2016, although oils can still be produced and marketed under ACEA ’12 until December 2018.

When ACEA ’16 was implemented, with it came the introduction of the new C5 category for products with 0W-20 and 5W-20 viscosity. The ACEA C5 set higher limits for fuel efficiency and as a result the A1/B1 was declassified as those performance limits are now covered by A5/B5. The Quantum range, available through TPS, has addressed the latest standards set out in this sequence either by upgrading the formulations of their existing products or bringing new products to market such as Quantum Platinum Plus 23 5W-30, which claims both ACEA C2 and C3.

By meeting and exceeding the latest standards, Quantum remains a great choice for independent motor trader customers looking for an engine oil they can trust.

For more information about ACEA '16 standards, check out tps.trade/oil-hub

Quantum Cubed

A ‘bag-in-box’ concept, the CUBE makes the grade both as a convenient storage option and as an eco-friendly alternative to rigid plastic bottles. With the CUBE packaging 100% recyclable, it helps reduce waste disposal costs and the unnecessary use of plastic packaging.

For further details on how to obtain your new 5 litre CUBE, please contact your local TPS Centre. Search for your nearest centre using our centre finder.