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Everyone wins with the Total Loss Avoidance (TLA) Repair Programme from TPS

Everyone wins with the Total Loss Avoidance (TLA) Repair Programme from TPS

Seeing a damaged vehicle being written-off can be frustrating.

First of all, there’s the loss of repair work that would have been valuable to your business.

Second, the vehicle owner faces the inconvenience and expense of having to source a replacement.

And third, the insurance company involved runs the risk of losing their policy holder.

This situation is often out of your control but our TLA programme has been created to provide a solution to keep your customers’ vehicles on the road.


The TLA Repair Programme from TPS is designed to deliver a better outcome for everyone. It offers you access to additional parts discounts on Volkswagen Group Genuine Parts (the fitting of genuine parts is a point often insisted on by insurers) to help secure repairs to a vehicle that might otherwise be written-off.

Through TPS, Volkswagen Group is the only manufacturer to have a dedicated team handling bodyshop enquiries – both parts and TLA enquiries. This ensures that the process of submitting a TLA request is quick and hassle free, and you can count on our support every step of the way.


The facts:

The Total Loss Avoidance Repair Programme is designed for C and D crash categories.

Discounts are offered at invoice stage.

The TLA discount is for the whole basket as opposed to individual parts, potentially offering you a larger overall saving.                    


In 2019 so far, the TLA Repair Programme has authorised over 600 repairs, saving your customers a total of over £766k.


With TLA parts discounts, everyone wins.

Your garage: gets the repairs and the opportunity for further business on your customer’s vehicle.

Your customer: gets to keep their vehicle, and avoids the cost and hassle of finding a replacement.

The insurance company: involved is more likely to hold onto their policy holder.


To find out more, simply contact the TLA team:

Tel: 0333 0095205                               

Email: TLA@tpsnational.trade      


Or visit our new webpage: