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erWin repairs service offers winning formula for workshops

erWin repairs service offers winning formula for workshops

The UK vehicle market is continually evolving. With more new models coming into the market, new technologies, new electronics, new materials, ever increasing ranges of lubricant specific to different vehicle models, it’s a lot to take on board.

With such a dizzying array of information available, it’s a real challenge to garages and workshops to stay across every new development and innovation. So, how can you best keep tabs on everything?

Well, a one stop shop solution is erWin - the up-to-date Electronic Repair and Workshop information service from Volkswagen Group. This dedicated online portal gives users access to all the information required to tackle even the most challenging of vehicle repairs.

The erWin service includes all the repair manuals for Volkswagen Group models, along with vehicle specific information such as maintenance charts, vehicle data and field actions. The service is further supported by additional repair information, available in PDF format, and via self-study and training programmes – more on all that later.

With the information provided online, always informed and always up-do-date, the erWin service is a virtual but vital addition to the workshop for those garages using it.

Once registered through a yearly subscription, the portal is a gateway to an array of repairs and workshop information. This includes:

Repair manuals: Repair manuals contain all of the mechanical and electronic repair groups for the vehicles, including bodywork. There are precise instructions on how to locate and resolve defects and additional information on specialist tools and adjustment settings.

Proper maintenance: All the regulations on maintenance, including wear rates for inspections. Proper maintenance defines the required scope of work and its implementation. Maintenance tables are an integral part of the assembly group "Proper maintenance".

Technical servicing manual: Contains technical product information on the drive unit, power train, chassis, body-work and trim, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning, and the electrical system of the vehicle.

Maintenance charts: Creates a maintenance table for the selected vehicle. The maintenance table can then be used to read intervals for inspections or oil changes for example.

Bodywork repairs: Maintenance of the bodywork is available at model level and covers information on all bodywork, including the relevant notes on safety and repair procedures.

The Offboard Diagnostic Information System service: This service has the benefit of being able to perform an offboard diagnostic for all Volkswagen brand vehicles with an EU-5 type approval via an SAEJ2534-compliant interface (diagnostic interface).

It also includes direct access to selected repair and servicing information during a current diagnostic session

Repair information in PDF format: Here you can find model-specific repair manuals, circuit diagrams and "proper maintenance" in PDF format, available in a number of languages.

Self-study programs: Self-study programmes are cross-model documents that contain descriptions of a wide range of designs and functions. They include special areas of the vehicle, such as ABS, levelling system and servotronics. Self-study programmes are intended to provide operational training for employees. They do not contain any notes on testing, settings or repair.

Digital Service Records: Available free of charge, the Digital Service Schedule allows anyone to login and view/log the service schedule of Volkswagen Group Vehicles. You just need the VIN to lookup the vehicle and all the information in the Digital Service Schedule will be displayed. This includes work done, type of service, where the work was done, dates and milage that work was done at. Once a service has been carried out you can also update the vehicle’s records here to ensure everything is kept up to date.

All of the above, and more, can be accessed through the home page and the individual tabs for products and services and vehicle specific information. For more details on how to sign up to the erWin service visit: https://erwin.volkswagen.de/erwin/showCustomerRegistration.do