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DSG servicing

DSG servicing

Paul Britten, Parts Product Planning Manager at Volkswagen Group UK,  explains how the increase in vehicles fitted with DSG gearboxes presents increased opportunities for workshops.


The expanding number of Volkswagen Group vehicles fitted with DSG transmissions has resulted in a growing opportunity for DSG servicing. By the end of 2019 there will be over 250,000 Volkswagen Group vehicles fitted with a DSG or S-tronic gearbox on UK roads, the majority of which have a specified service interval.

Note: many owners are unaware of the servicing requirements for certain DSG or S-tronic gearboxes, resulting in subsequent issues with gear selection and engagement.


Service intervals:

The table below gives an overview of these gearboxes and their service intervals:

Gearbox type Gears Service interval Fluid*
DQ200 0CW 7-speed No service interval G 055512A2
DQ250 0D9 6-speed 40,000 miles - Fluid and filter G 052182A2
DQ381 0GC 7-speed 80,000 miles - Fluid only G 055529A2
DQ400** 0DD 6-speed 40,000 miles - Fluid only G 052182A2
DQ500 0DL 7-speed 40,000 miles - Fluid only G 052182A2
DQ500 0BH 7-speed 40,000 miles - Fluid only G 052182A2
DL382 - 7-speed 40,000 miles - Fluid only G 055529A2
DL501 - 7-speed 40,000 miles - Fluid and filter G 052529A2

* Part numbers shown are for 1 litre bottles, a 20 litre product is also available
** Fitted to hybrid models, only EV certified technicians should work on these vehicles


Top tip: always refer to the Erwin Workshop Manual for the correct vehicle-specific interval, servicing instructions and filling capacities



In addition to the intervals themselves, the specification of the DSG fluid is equally as important. It must maintain a high level of viscosity across a full range of temperatures for the smooth operation of the gearbox.


Using non-approved products can impair functionality and damage the mechatronics, so we recommend the following:

TPS recommended products:

  • Genuine DSG transmission fluid –developed to meet the specific requirements of DSG units and contains special additives that govern its frictional properties
  • Genuine DSG filter – for maximum performance and durability, use with DSG transmission fluid
  • For easy & efficient re-filling try the VAS 6262A DSG oil filling adaptor, part number ASE40134601000.

All featured products are available through your local TPS centre.


Customer conversations:

When talking to customers, it’s key to reinforce the benefits of having DSG oil and filter changed.

  • Saves on costly gearbox repairs
  • Improves their car's performance
  • Ensures the manufacturer's warranty remains valid for the gearbox and mechatronics