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Customer channels inner 'Fresh Prince' to praise TPS Centre

Customer channels inner 'Fresh Prince' to praise TPS Centre

TPS Guildford has received some 'princely praise' from one of its customers in the form of a rap replicating one of the catchiest sitcom songs of the nineties.

This creative customer has produced their own humorous take on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' theme tune, to thank TPS Guildford staff for all their efforts.


It's quite a rhyme, and here's how it goes:

Now this is a story all about how
The TPS team helped us all out
And I’d like to take a minute just sit in your chair
I'll tell you all why we won’t go elsewhere


Now somewhere along the Slyfield estate sits Dan
and all of his TPS mates ordering, phoning making money like Paul or Lawrence who brings sausage rolls for a refuel
When a couple of cars were breaking up good
Started making trouble in Witley Hood…


Mark and I were in a huff and Lee got scared, he said
“phone TPS Kev and he will help you with care”
We begged and pleaded the car was on its way,
but the customer insisted to see it another day


We gave Dan a call and told him our delay, he said
“what you saying we will have it on its way”
The parts arrived, YO they’re bad!
The mechanics got it wrong, what a drab!


Let’s see if Dennis has an insight,
oh he might have it right
I whistled for Mark he came here,
I tried to look up parts but it was nowhere near.


Lucy was there to set me straight what a love
I thought to myself wow they go beyond and above
The car got fixed in about 1-2 days
I yelled to the customer – “we won’t see you later”


I looked out the window and finally I knew
We’d been helped by the TPS crew.


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