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A chat with Quattro-Tech

A chat with Quattro-Tech

Quattro-Tech Ltd is a Cambridgeshire-based, independent Volkswagen Group specialist, with a reputation for exceptional customer service and technical excellence. We dropped in for a quick chat with Justin Reason, Head of Operations, to find out more.

How did the business begin and how has it evolved since?

We started out five years ago with just three staff but several decades of Volkswagen Group dealer experience. Since then, we have quadrupled our staff numbers and now operate across two sites in St Ives and Peterborough.

Can you describe Quattro-Tech and what marks you out?

We have similar attributes to a main dealership – the same up-to-date diagnostic equipment and tooling, and we continually invest in the business. Recently we invested £53,000 into a new MOT bay alongside new wheel alignment machinery. But I think what really sets us apart is our approach to customer service. We have three qualified Master Technicians in the team – more than the average dealership - but all our staff excel when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service.

Who are your customers?

Around 70% are individual customers and the rest are commercial fleet operators.
We pride ourselves on being transparent, knowledgeable and providing great service. We have a loyal customer base - our first ever customer remains with us to this day.

Our reach is also now global with customers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Austria putting their trust in us to look after their cars.

We pride ourselves on being transparent, knowledgeable and providing great service.

Wow, that is impressive! Tell us more...

Our Hong Kong customer came to us on recommendation. He owns an immaculate Audi Ur-Quattro which he uses on his occasional visits home. We collect the car
from storage and prepare it for him. As you would expect it’s an immaculate

piece of machinery and a joy to work on. Our Taiwanese customer shipped his Golf GTI Mk1 over to us for a complete rebuild.

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a business right now?

Getting ready for electric vehicles. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve, so

all our technicians have undertaken the Volkswagen Group LEAP training programme to help increase their knowledge of EVs and hybrid vehicles.

Describe your relationship with TPS. How do they help you as a business?

It’s more like a partnership than a business relationship. As a national account customer, we get a really bespoke service. They listen to us and understand our business. Around 85-90% of our parts are supplied by TPS and we know we
are getting quality, both in terms of parts and service.

What do the next five years hold for Quattro-Tech?

We want to cement our reputation as a Volkswagen Group specialist, expand our
new MOT service and open a third site. We also want to start selling cars, but only
as a small additional revenue stream for the business.

What’s your favourite Volkswagen Group vehicle?

The one I drive now, the Volkswagen Amarok. I would not swap it for anything!