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Volkswagen Group UK Ltd offers an unlimited mileage two year warranty for any VWG original parts or VWG genuine accessories that require replacement or repair due to a manufacturing defect. Further warranty terms and conditions can be found at https://tps.trade/terms-and-conditions.

Quantum branded products and parts sold under the Quantum range are covered by Quantum Terms and Conditions for Warranty (https://tps.trade/terms-and-conditions-quantum-parts-warranty) and are not subject to the terms below. Part numbers for Quantum products can be identified on the Quantum product pages.

Important Information for all Warranty Claims

  • In respect of any defect of a VWG original part or VWG genuine accessory, the Trade Parts  Centre (TPS Centre) must be notified of any potential warranty claim within 14 days of the defect arising, and a replacement part will be invoiced and only credited once a manufacturing defect has been confirmed.
  • The warranty on VWG original parts and VWG genuine accessories starts from the date of invoice when the part is purchased through a TPS Centre. The original invoice (or a copy of) must be supplied for a warranty claim to be considered and must refer to the part number and purchase date on such invoice.
  • VWG reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to inspect and / or test any product reported as defective before a warranty claim is approved and remedy provided.  For certain product types they must be tested before a claim is accepted, but a customer will be informed of this when a warranty claim is brought.
  • VWG reserves the right after inspection to, at VWG’s option, repair or replace the defective part, or refund the price of the defective Part in full. If VWG find the part is not defective or that the defect has arisen due to those events set out in the Exclusions section below, VWG reserves the right to charge the customer a reasonable sum in respect of such examination or inspection.
  • For any warranty claim made in relation to a faulty battery, the battery will be tested. If the customer cannot provide a third party invoice which recognises the battery as being purchased through a TPS centre and/or the batteries are tested and are found to have been fitted incorrectly, misused, damaged through misuse, over charged, deep cycled (where not designed to do so), incorrectly stored or over discharged, the warranty will not be valid. VWG retain the right to reject a claim based upon the testing results received


General exclusions for the warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • the part was not fitted according to the instructions of Volkswagen Group, available via ErWin (the Electronic Repair and Workshop Information service from Volkswagen);
  • failure to use, repair, store or replace all associated parts as required by VWG and/or any relevant manufacturer standards;
  • any claims where the customer is unable to produce the original (or a copy of) the Trade Parts Management System (TPMS) invoice containing the part number and purchase date;
  • any claims where the customer failed to report the defect to the business from which the product was purchased as soon as it became apparent and in any event within 14 days of the defect arising;
  • any claims where the defect is caused by modification of the part;
  • failure by the customer to allow the required repairs to be carried out as soon as possible;
  • failure by the customer to follow regulations and directions for the part. This includes but is not limited to:
    • the part being used in a way that was not intended;
    • the part being fitted and used in a country for which it has not been specified; and
    • the part being fitted and used not in accordance with the instructions provided with the part, where applicable,
  • the fault being caused by external influences outside the manufacturer’s control, including but not limited to fire, chemical or vegetation damage, flying gravel etc.;
  • damage caused by parts which have been fitted to vehicles for which they were not specifically intended; or
  • the customer failing to follow the regulations for use of the vehicle, such as:
    • the vehicle is operated long term in a country for which it has not been specified; or
    • the vehicle was overburdened or used for purposes for which it was not intended (e.g. racing, off road driving etc.).

Where driving style and external factors can influence the lifetime of the component, items will only be considered under the terms of the warranty for a period of six months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first). After this limit, any defects must be considered wear and tear and will not be covered by warranty.

Components normally subject to wear and tear include, but are not limited to:

  • brake linings and disc pads (ceramic excluded);
  • brake discs (ceramic excluded);
  • clutch release bearings;
  • clutch pressure plates and centre plates;
  • tyres;
  • wiper blades (wiper rubbers have no warranty owing to their conditions of use);
  • seat and backrest covers;
  • floor coverings;
  • spark plugs ;
  • batteries for key fobs and alarms;
  • light bulbs (Xenon/gas discharge bulbs and LED’s are covered for the full two year parts warranty period); and
  • shock absorbers.

Depending on the suspected defect, the customer may be referred to a local Authorised Repair Centre for diagnosis. Authorised Repair Centres are trade bodies who have an approved Authorised Repair agreement with VWG. Information about the Authorised Repair Centres can be found on the relevant brand’s website. The customer needs to ensure that the vehicle is in a suitable condition which includes but is not limited to, being in situ or not dismantled in order for the Authorised Repairer to assess whether the fault is a manufacturing defect.


VWG’s liability is limited to replacing a part that is found to have had a manufacturing defect a two year period.
VWG shall have no liability for any other losses, costs or financial claims.