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Sprays & Fluids

Our range of maintenance sprays and fluids are a fundamental part of any workshop's consumables range, which now includes a range of Loctite aerosols.
  1. Aircon Cleaner - Royal Oud

    Aircon Cleaner - Royal Oud

    PART NUMBER: ZGB41001500000
    150ml Quantum Aircon Cleaner is a bactericidal and fungicidal fluid for cleaning vehicle air-conditioning systems, including the evaporator, and interior of the vehicle.
  2. Battery Terminal Protector 500ml

    Battery Terminal Protector 500ml

    Quantum Battery Terminal Protector is a highly effective anti corrosion treatment that cleans and leaves a non-conductive film to protect battery terminals.
  3. Cabin Refresher - Clean Mint

    Cabin Refresher - Clean Mint

    PART NUMBER: ZGB41001400000
    100ml Quantum Cabin Refresher neutralises and removes bad odours from vehicle interiors rather than just masking them.
  4. Carburettor Cleaner 500ml

    Carburettor Cleaner 500ml

    Quantum Carburettor Cleaner is a powerful carbon dissolving formula that cleans carburettors, brake parts and automatic chokes without dismantling. Helps improve engine efficiency and fuel economy.
  5. Citrus Air Freshener

    Citrus Air Freshener

    Quantum Citrus Air Freshener provides a high powered blasting spray, releasing a fresh citrus fragranced odour neutraliser.
  6. Cranberry Air Freshener

    Cranberry Air Freshener

    Quantum Cranberry Air Freshener provides a high powered blasting spray, releasing a fresh cranberry fragranced odour neutraliser.
  7. Electrical Cleaner 500ml

    Electrical Cleaner 500ml

    Quantum Electrical Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning solvent which leaves no residue and is ideal for cleaning low voltage parts, electrical switch gear and motors. It is safe for most plastics, rubber and metal components and it removes grease, oil and other contaminants
  8. Loctite 7039 Contact Cleaner Spray

    Loctite 7039 Contact Cleaner Spray

    PART NUMBER: ZGB00Q00007039
    Volume: 400ml. For cleaning electrical contacts. Does not affect insulating properties. Displaces moisture or other contaminations. Silicone-free. For cleaning contacts, relays, fuses and therminals.
  9. Loctite 7063 Cleaner Aerosol

    Loctite 7063 Cleaner Aerosol

    PART NUMBER: ZGB00Q00007063
    Volume: 400ml. Cleaner and Degreaser. Solvent based general parts cleaner which leaves no residue. Ideal for use prior to adhesive bonding and sealing applications.
  10. Loctite 7200 Gasket Remover Aerosol

    Loctite 7200 Gasket Remover Aerosol

    PART NUMBER: ZGB00Q00007200
    Volume: 400ml. Removes baked on gasket and sealant residues, dried oil, tar, carbon deposits and paint.

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total