Save on Genuine braking parts, springs and shock absorbers - from Tuesday 7 March to<br>Friday 31 March

Save on Genuine braking parts, springs and shock absorbers - from Tuesday 7 March to
Friday 31 March

Part Number Product Description Promotion Price
191611715 Bracket £0.96
1K0615301AS Brake disc £33.82
1S0615301L Brake disc £35.11
2N0615301A Brake disc £41.34
2N0615601 Brake disc £39.99
2Q0615301G Brake disc £35.11
2Q0615301H Brake disc £37.45
2Q0615601H Brake disc £24.31
3Q0615601A Brake disc £40.49
4H0615301AN Brake disc £185.75
4M0615301AS Brake disc £175.22
4M0615601P Brake disc £93.26
5Q0615301G Brake disc £84.89
5Q0615601B Brake disc £33.00
5Q0615601C Brake disc £35.37
5Q0615601E Brake disc £48.59
5Q0615601F Brake disc £30.11
5Q0615601G Brake disc £33.38
5QF615301A Brake disc £55.73
7E0615301F Brake disc £68.69
7E0615601D Brake disc £38.77
80A615601C Brake disc £60.91
8K0615601M Brake disc £48.95
8R0615301F Brake disc £78.17
8W0615301AA Brake disc £75.94
8W0615301T Brake disc £58.25
8W0615601H Brake disc £48.95
8W0615601K Brake disc £70.33
1K0611763E Brake pipe £19.57
1K0611764L Brake pipe £19.57
2E0698525 Brake shoe £81.33
6C0698520 Brake shoe £54.36
8V0615424D Caliper £130.06
2E0413023BR Damper £111.51
80A615145 Pin £6.45
8W0698231 Plate £10.62
5G0698459 Rep.set £18.04
3D0698269 Secur.set £19.51
1K0513045F Shock absorber £249.43
1K0513046F Shock absorber £249.43
2Q0413031BT Shock absorber £61.14
3Q0413031AK Shock absorber £206.51
5Q0413023FH Shock absorber £62.78
5Q0413023FJ Shock absorber £62.78
5Q0413023FK Shock absorber £62.78
5Q0413023FN Shock absorber £79.51
5Q0413031FM Shock absorber £160.89
5Q0513029DQ Shock absorber £53.42
7E5413031H Shock absorber £77.87
7E8413031A Shock absorber £79.34
8J0513025E Shock absorber £316.65
8T0513035M Shock absorber £73.25
8W0413031BG Shock absorber £74.66
4D0611715B Spring £0.51
4M0511115EE Spring £123.59
6R0411105BM Spring £76.67
7E0511115M Spring £103.61
80A511115BD Spring £101.54

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Promotional period
Tuesday 7 March to Friday 31 March 2023.

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