Save with Quantum discounts on selected products

With winter looming, there are a number of Quantum discounts for selected products this week.

With the cold, damp mornings becoming more frequent, the selection of Quantum discounts will provide peace of mind for your customers and their vehicles alike.

Here is a snapshot on some of the discounted products:

Antifreeze – Quantum offers a choice of four antifreeze products - blue, red, green and purple all of which protect against rust, scale and freezing.

Brake fluid – Quantum DOTR 4 ESP Brake Fluid is specifically designed to ensure braking systems are functional and clean.

Wipers – All our Quantum wiper blades are easy to install and tested for quality and performance, offering streak-free wiping all year round.

Sprays & Greases – Quantum provides an array of greases including ‘copper’, ‘brake’ and our best seller, ‘clear’. Also, included in the Quantum discounts are Maintenance Spray and Lubricant Spray with PTFE.

To find out more about the Quantum Consumables range available at your local TPS Centre, visit our Quantum Consumables Hub.

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Discounts available from Wednesday 24th to Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Terms and Conditions apply. Prices valid from Monday 24th to Tuesday 30th November 2021. All prices exclude VAT at 20%. Offer available while stocks last. Any images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Product packaging may differ from that shown. Prices may vary according to TPS’ discretionary discount, such discounts are subject to availability and change from time to time. Offer is covered by our standard Terms & Conditions of Sale.