COME TO THE RESCUE OF SOMEONE IN NEED by applying for the tps genuine causes fund

Here’s the perfect opportunity to swoop in a save the day, and we’ll give you the parts required to complete the job for FREE

The TPS Genuine Causes Fund is now open to all our customers, with thousands of pounds worth of free Genuine Parts waiting to be claimed in aid of worthwhile causes. We’d love to help one near you – and give you the recognition you deserve for the heroic work you do.

So if you know a local school with a minibus that’s struggling, a district nurse or carer with car trouble or a furniture charity with a van that’s short on brake pads, apply for free Genuine Parts from TPS and get them back on the road.

We’ll make sure the local press hears about your good deeds, the local heroes who saved the day with Genuine Parts for Genuine Causes.

8 Vehicles saved

8 Free Parts Provided

25 hours of free labour

£3816.31Total donation (including cost of parts and cost of labour)

This scheme in now closed