Volkswagen Group Genuine Parts ™ are a vehicle’s best friend. They’re dependable, reliable and come with a pedigree you can trust.


Six reasons to buy Genuine:

  • Genuine Parts come with a two-year warranty – three years for Genuine Batteries
  • Genuine Parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards - they’re the same quality parts as those used on our new vehicle production lines
  • Genuine Parts fit first time, every time, saving you valuable time in the workshop
  • All Genuine Parts are available for 15 years after Volkswagen Group have stopped manufacturing a particular vehicle
  • Fitting Genuine Parts helps to retain a vehicle’s residual value
  • Genuine original and Genuine FourPlus ranges available.


Name our dog and win!

To be in with a chance of winning a £250 credit to your TPS account, just tell us what we should call our Genuine Dog!

Only the most recent entry submitted per email will be considered. If two or more people submit the same name, only the first submission will be considered. Competition closes 30th September 2017. View Terms and Condions of competition